Locate Harmful Asbestos-Containing Materials

Locate Harmful Asbestos-Containing Materials

Work with a leading asbestos consultant in the El Paso, TX area

Asbestos containing materials aren't easy to spot. To the untrained eye, a pipe or tile with asbestos would look the same as any other material. If you're remodeling or renovating an older property, it's best to hire an asbestos consultant to oversee construction. Contact Construction & Environmental Consultants, Inc. today for asbestos testing in the El Paso, TX area.

Asbestos testing is necessary if you're disturbing older pipes, insulation or other building materials. If your property was recently damaged from storms or flooding, asbestos may also become a hidden danger.

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Ensuring safety and compliance at all times

Locating and removing asbestos can be very complicated and often dangerous. That’s why you need a dedicated asbestos consultant on site to oversee the entire operation. We can help with:

  • Project design: specifying a precise protocol for removing asbestos on your property
  • Project managing: supervising the entire abatement process from start to finish
  • Air monitoring: keeping a close eye on levels of asbestos in your air to ensure safety at all times

As a third-party monitor during the asbestos abatement process, we’ll give you complete confidence that the job will be performed according to all local, state and federal codes. Reach out today to set up an appointment.

Are you looking for experts to ensure your business is safe?

When it comes to environmental consultation there are many aspects to consider so be sure to turn to our experts who offer the following:

  • Surveys & Assessments
  • Renovation & Demolition
  • Property Transactions
  • AHERA 3 Year Re-inspections
  • Asbestos Management
  • O&M Plans
  • Exposure Monitoring
  • Abatement Design
  • Abatement Oversight & Monitoring